About Bonita Norris

Bonita Norris was the youngest person ever to reach both the summit of Everest and the North Pole. She has been on five Himalayan expeditions and has reached the summit of some of the world’s highest mountains.

In 2017 her memoir, The Girl Who Climbed Everest was released, and topped the mountaineering books chart.

In her talks, she shares the rollercoaster journey of how she went from a beginner climber aged 20 to standing on the summit of Everest only two years later, aged 22. It was that journey of becoming a mountaineer that tested her to her limits, both in the mountains, and on her journey to them as a beginner climber.

Bonita speaks about the attitude and mindset she honed on her journey to Everest and on the mountain itself- of learning to trust the process- to have passion, purpose and above all else, patience. She also speaks fondly of how great team-ship was fundamental to her success, and how we can all support and elevate team mates to realise their potential.